February 20, 2022, his excellency Mr. Maurizio Greganti, the Italian ambassador to Iraq, together with Mr. Michele Camerota, the Italian consul in Erbil, Ms. Giulia Mazzara, first secretary at the Italian Embassy, colonel Luigi Sambin, the military attaché of the Italian Embassy, and Mr. Hajar Khoshnaw, the assistant to the Italian consul in Erbil, visited the Slemani Museum. The permanent galleries of Paikuli and Sassanian King Narseh were generously sponsored by and in collaboration with the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation as well as the Sapienza University of Rome; without their kind help and cooperation, these galleries would have not been inaugurated. We, the Slemani Museum, sincerely thank Italy for all of the efforts and support it has provided us with and we look forward to working with the Republic of Italy in the future.